Developer Services

Maximise your project’s potential with valuable body corporate management services.

You need to talk to the body corporate consultant who knows what purchasers really want in a community.

Ernst boasts an experienced and innovative body corporate consultant with a proven track record of maximising title areas to grow what developers can sell.

What if Ernst could further reduce body corporate levies to make the project even more attractive to purchasers and help to create a new income stream regarding the operation of your new community?

Sound appealing? Ernst has over 40 years’ experience partnering with developers.

Proudly part of Smarter Communities, one of the largest community management companies in Australia, Ernst has invaluable interstate knowledge and expertise on a wide range of projects.

We have a complete understanding of what buyers look for in a new community, enhanced by our partnership with the Australian Apartment Advocacy (AAA), and what it accurately costs to maintain these standards.

Professional Advice

Looking for a new Body Corporate Manager?

Ernst Body Corporate Management (Ernst)  has successfully been managing buildings since 1979. Ernst has earned its reputation as an industry leader by working with a team of highly qualified professionals committed to delivering exceptional service to all clients, and anyone who has an interest/investment in the Strata Community.

Our reputation for being innovative in providing solutions to maximise returns, and address the unique challenges encountered with each individual project, has ensured we have a loyal developer client base that have used our services for a number of years.

Our attention to detail when preparing and reviewing documents as part of our consultancy service ensures your peace of mind when it comes to settlement time.

The types of strata structures we have established and/or been involved in with developers include Strata Title (Body Corporate committee), Community Title, Building Management Committees, Company Title, Retirement Villages and Title Deeds.


Ernst Body Corporate Management offers the following services to add value to your project

  • Consultancy
  • Establish
  • Transition


This is the pivotal service – the design of the titling and operational structure which creates the community. This is where we could make or save you money!

Ernst provides consultancy advice on:

  • Titling strategy
  • Common property facilities and building services commentary
  • Purchaser expectations regarding new community
  • Preparation of preliminary budget and levy schedules
  • By-law recommendations to enshrine rights and entitlements for purchasers
  • Maintenance management
  • Opportunities to create new income stream/s

Establishment of community and any income streams

Once the community is created, Ernst will complete the establishment:

    • Liaise with your lawyers to ensure settlements are effected immediately
    • Establish any income stream/s available for you to keep or sell
    • Assist you to meet your legislative requirements to the purchasers and new community
    • Assist with the settling in process of purchasers regarding any body corporate matter
    • Create all required body corporate records and systems to commence the administration of the new community

Transition and day-to-day community administration

  • With the community and arrangements in place, Ernst will:
    • Transition you as the original owner to control by the new lot owners
    • Assist purchasers fulfil their role in the new community
    • Educate purchasers on the community and the arrangements in place
    • Perform the day-to-day administration, specifically secretarial and treasury roles

Development Enquiry

To maximise your project’s potential with valuable body corporate consultancy and management services, contact us on 1800 519 642.

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